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My new sounds:

'Analogue Momus' by Sasha
Digital Promo 

'Analogue Momus' is a two sided mixtape that consists of a rare selection of Momus-related vinyls and cassette tapes. It was collected and selected by our favorite DJ, Sasha Lindskog (Cul De Sac - Sthlm) to celebrate Tona Serenad's release of the vinyl edition of Momus and John Henriksson's LP, 'Thunderclown' - Limited to 350 hand numbered copies.

'Analogue Momus' by Sasha by Tona Serenad

1. The Angels Are Voyeurs (Reprise)
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-036)
2. Pornography
(Creation Records, White Label Promo LP, CRE-LP-097)
3. Kahimi Karie - I Am a Kitten
(Crue-L Records, Promo Split LP, CRU-PRO DJ 009)
4. Summer Holiday 1999
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-113)
5. Flame Into Being
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-021)
6. Kahimi Karie - Pygmalism
(Polydor, Double Cassette Promo, P OCH-1927)
7. Murderers, the Hope of Women
(Creation Records, 12” EP, CRE037T)
8. A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-036)
9. Precocious Young Miss Calloway
(Tona Serenad, 10” EP, TS06)
10. Paper Wraps Rock
(èl records, LP, Acme2)
11. The Cheques in the Post
(Richmond Records, LP, MONDE3)

1. Kahimi Karie - The 7th Wife of Henry VIIIth 
(Polydor, Double Promo Cassette, P OCH-1927)
2. Kahimi Karie - The Symphonies of Beethoven
(Crue-L Records, 2LP, K4THMAK0443)
3. In The Sanatorium
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-036)
4. Shaftesbury Avenue
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-052)
5. Morality Is Vanity
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-059)
6. Bishonen
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-036)
7. Closer To You
(Creation Records, LP, CRE-LP-021)


50 seconds into this video shot on his Paris balcony, John Henriksson reveals the harp break from which he and I constructed the Thunderclown song The Criminal. It’s from an old Swedish Christian record, apparently.

John will release our Thunderclown album on vinyl soon, along with a record called Thundersketches in which he showcases the samples and backing tracks he sent me during our work on the album.


In Paris with John Henriksson…
…some art…
…and Toog.

Momus concert Thursday 8pm at College des Bernardins: In Famous Carousel.

The Thundersketches


Mrs Tsk *: A tug between gravity and the hairstyle. A tussle between brushstrokes...


A tug between gravity and the hairstyle.

A tussle between brushstrokes and photographs.

A tug between the circle and the square.

A tussle between handcraft and manufacturing.

A tug between severity and merriment.

A tussle between filigree lightness and high-impact…


Musette (Sweden’s Joel Danell) makes sounds so beautiful and dreamy that you might float away if it weren’t for the subtle percussion piped in to keep you grounded.  This song, Coucou Anne, which has the blogosphere all kinds of buzzing, comes from Drape Myself In Velvet- to be released this fall.

No free download yet, but listen again and again on SoundCloud.

Momus & John Henriksson - Thunderclown

Momus & John Henriksson - Thunderclown

Momus – The Thunderclown 10” EP (Tona Serenad)


The fop is back, boring us all to near-death with songs about nothing other than his giant penis. Man, this guy is the worst. Why resurrect his musical career? Weren’t we all happier when he was inventing Kickstarter to pay down legal fees? 350 numbered copies. No critical analysis here; not warranted. Sorry. Not really. (http://tonaserenad.com)
(Doug Mosurock)